Room with a view – 29 September

Sorry, but I have to have a little rant…

We spent last night in this place, the Hunneberg Ekopark. We arrived as it was getting dark and, after walking out to the nearby viewpoint, decided that this might be a nice place to spend a couple of nights and spend some time walking in the forests.

Until this morning, when a couple of cars pulled out and hunters got out. Now let me clarify something before I go on – despite being vegetarian, I don’t have a problem with hunting if the catch is going to be eaten. Wild game that you’ve shot (cleanly) yourself has to be about the most ethical source of meat there is. If you don’t eat it and are only killing for the pleasure of it, then quite frankly, you have a sick mind.

D went to talk to them and they explained that they were hunting wild boar. He asked if it was safe to go walking in the forest at the same time as there are men with guns wandering around – oh yes, apparently they are very careful. Well, I’m sure they are, but to quote D, I wouldn’t walk down the middle of a motorway because most drivers are very careful. The hunters also pointed out that under allemansrätten we have the right to go anywhere in the forest. Of course, technically my right to roam hasn’t been affected, but in practice I consider it to be a little less tempting to assert now.

There was no indication on the noticeboard that hunting would be happening, no warnings to be careful. Is this normal? Although hunting happens in the UK, I have no previous experience of it. Maybe someone who does can tell me.

Needless to say, we decided not to spend the weekend walking in that particular forest.


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4 thoughts on “Room with a view – 29 September

  1. English Dad

    Having only heard about current TV series coming out of Sweden at the moment, I wouldn’t even have gone to speak to Swedes with guns! Look after yourselves.

  2. Aussie Dad and Jan

    Here in NSW the Govt is only in power because of a deal it did with some crazy right-wingers called the Shooters and Fishers Party (or some such nonsense). One result of the deal is that there is now a moritorium on planned extensions to marine reserves. Another is that hunters are going to be allowed in national parks to
    “cull feral animals”. This has been shown to be ineffective in many parts of the world but it’s going to happen here. Already, native animals are being found half-dead with arrows etc in them. I think you did the wise thing, in general, if you can see weapons or hear things going bang or twang, don’t go into the woods.

  3. lvmx

    I’ve been hunting Hoodies all day with a parks ranger.[no guns ,just binoculars &camera !]
    Hoodie….. small endangered shorebird…Hooded plover .

  4. Hunter Dan

    Not wishing to kick off WWIII on the matter of hunting. I was listening to saving spicies on the BBC the other day and they were discussing the wolf population in Sweden. Apparently the elk hunting dogs are a barking dog, the hunter takes said woffey dog hunting. The dog runs off, like all dogs, and when the dog tracks down the elk iit barks, the hunter is a 2km away at this point. The hunter creeps up on barking noise and elk and shots. Of course not only are hunters alerted by barking animal and occasionally the dog is attacked. To me this just sounds like an entry for the Darwin Awards.

    The moral of the story don’t let U go barking in the woods.

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