Ridiculous as it may sound, this sort of life can get a bit tiring. Finding somewhere to sleep each night, moving on every morning can be a pain. Last Sunday night was a good example – we found a spot which was OK but not great and decided to keep looking, only to end up back at the same spot 1.5 hours later having driven down some of the narrowest roads in Sweden in the search for somewhere better.

I know, not a huge problem to have in life, but still. We had lost our travelling mojo a bit, compounded by the horrible weather, and decided to take a little break in a campsite. We could get a very good deal at a site in Varberg, about an hour south of Göteborg so booked in for 4 nights. 4 whole nights without thinking about where to go next – whoo hoo!

The campsite was right on the coast and in the bad weather was pretty bleak. But we were able to get loads of washing done and have long hot showers as opposed to our usual very short hot showers. We also had a very cheap out-of-season special on a meal at the campsite bar, where the waitress rustled up a veggie option for the buffet for us. We had a long chat with Friendly Chap in the bar (didn’t get his name) about Swedish TV (X Factor, Come Dine With Me and the one about finding a wife for a farmer are all here), aircraft, hunting, caravans….

The sun shone a couple of times and we were able to to do a couple of walks, including to Varberg for lunch and a haircut for D. Varberg was a nice town with a very impressive fort. The coastal path was built in 1921 to link the town with the tuberculosis sanatorium and made for a very pleasant walk in the sun.

All in all, it was a great break and we feel rested and revived. Next stop….ah, we didn’t get around to deciding that yet!


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One thought on “R&R

  1. Aussie Dad and Jan

    How well I remember being on the road for several months (eg waiting for a house to be built, or traipsing around Portugal); a few days in a park with real showers is luxurious. Even though (in Portugal anyway) one is likely to need some kind of knotted string or twisted wire to overcome the automatic hot water cut-off. I seem to remember one which, left to its own devices, only allowed about 15 seconds of hot water. Another set of super photos – including a lighthouse! I like lighthouses. I found a website that gave some details of that particular one, including a weather forecast for today (Sunday). Apparently it’s going to be 7C overnight with a max for Sunday of 8C with possible thunderstorms. I hope by the time you read this you are not there.

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