A dash through Denmark

I love driving over (or rather, being driven over) bridges, the bigger the better. It is only when we are part way over the Øresund Bridge that I realise that D doesn’t enjoy it quite as much as I do. Something about driving on a concrete strip, many metres above the sea in a wheeled brick battling with the wind means he would rather be on a ferry. Oops.


You’ll have to look up the Øresund bridge yourself if you want details (I’m doing this on the phone which is laborious enough without trying to do the link thingy), but it is magnificent. Part way across, the bridge becomes a tunnel, the entrance of which is in the middle of the sea. It looks like you are driving into a plughole which is a little un-nerving, even if you were the one who didn’t want to do the ferry. Not sure if you can make out the plughole effect in the photo – you’ll just have to take my word for it.



Across the bridge, on the outskirts of Copenhagen, we hit our first traffic jam in three months. We also drive through an area of particularly modern office blocks – after all our time spent in the countryside in Sweden, it is like driving into the future and something of a culture shock.


The rest of our trip through Denmark is more relaxed though – here are some highlights…

The harbour town of Rødvig and a walk along the Stevns Klint (cliffs) to an old limestone quarry with huge pyramid used for storing the limestone






Across to Møn (another bridge, oops) for the beautiful paintings of gruesome biblical scenes at Elmelunde church and the White Cliffs of Denmark




Back onto the island of Zealand (bridge) and then across to Fyn island across the incredible Store Bælt….bridge (you’ll have to enlarge this photo)


The beautiful town of Fåborg



Across to Jutland (bridge) and over to Rømø island – no bridge this time, just a 9km causeway. One of the attractions is the huge beach that you can drive on. The sand was too soft for the wheeled brick so we parked in a car park and walked instead. I’m glad we did – allowing vehicles on the beach makes it look messy and means that the usual rubbish that people leave behind is spread over a much bigger area. Which is a shame because without the cars, it is really beautiful.


Having already seen a bit of Jutland in previous travels, we decided to head to Germany today. We had a few Danish kroner to use so decided to stop at a supermarket before crossing the border. Well, I don’t know where the good people of Trønder buy their food, but we couldn’t find a supermarket. D joked that there was probably a huge cheap one just across the border in Germany and sure enough, as we crossed we spotted Scandanavia Park, advertising prices in kroner as well as euros. Most of the number plates in the carpark were Danish, with the odd Swede & Norwegian thrown in for good measure. Oh, and I think I saw a couple of German cars, but I could be wrong. As far as we could see, it sold sweets, alcohol and electrical goods. We kept a tally as we bought wine & beer (the first we’ve bought since leaving the UK, you’ll be impressed and probably somewhat surprised to hear), chocolate and a few other bits and pieces. It was only when we were at the checkout that we spotted the fruit and veg section. Pish posh. I had exactly 183kr in my purse and we spent exactly 183kr. Perfect.

So now we are in Germany, at a free aire in Flensburg. We have company, several other motorhomes, for the first time in weeks. The weather is horrid, but we are tucked up drinking wine & beer, eating Toffifee and planning our next couple of weeks. Happy days.



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2 thoughts on “A dash through Denmark

  1. I see what you mean about the plughole. At least they put a bit of grass around it for reassurance. Do they sand-bag it for the tsunamis? At the gruesomely decorated church; never mind the paintings, look at that model ship! And finally, what is the final photo? An aerial shot of elk migrating towards the midnight sun?

  2. lvmx

    lovely photos again, Faborg looks like Ebeltoft… building /colour . Am worried about your anti-oxidant intake ! [ no red wine or dk.chocolate !!!! ] Don’t think the hereditary thing works if I am eating /drinking it.

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