We are in northern Germany at the moment and having some trouble getting a data sim card for our laptop. One that works anyhow. More to come on that in a later post – not that it will be very interesting for you, but it will be good to get the whole saga off my chest.

In happier news, we are stopped for a couple of nights in a little village on the Elbe estuary. Not much here, but there is a hotel which serves coffee and a rather lovely plum cake. Even better than that, it is Sunny & Warm, a combination we haven’t seen for a while. And we’re off to see friends for dinner in Hamburg tomorrow – lovely.

We have attracted the attention of the local crazy lady. That isn’t me being mean – she told us she has problems in the head. Fortunately several more motorhomes have turned up to keep her distracted. It is difficult trying to have a conversation with someone about prostitutes in cages (don’t ask) when neither of you speaks the other’s language very well!


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One thought on “Incommunicado

  1. 10,000+ hits! I think the clincher was the intriguing comment about crazy lady prostitutes in a cage. Did I get that right? Some things just don’t need translation do they? Chicks in cages are the same in any language. (I prefer free-range though). And, on the data front; we have fond memories of tense times trying to get a French sim card to work in our phone. The lesson I learned from that episode is – don’t leave town until the card has been thoroughly tested and has done what the suave, English-speaking, young techno-nerd promised it would.

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