New address for this blog

In an effort to save precious pennies, we don’t want to pay for blog-related stuff anymore. So, the web address for this blog has changed to the original freebie – (sorry, can’t make it a fancy link as that doesn’t seem to be working at the mo.)

Of course, if you are following the blog, you get emailed if we do an update so don’t really need to know the website address and if you don’t follow it, you’ll never be able to find the website again to find out about the new address. Hey ho.

Oh, and we will be starting a brand new blog soon about the new phase in our lives for those who are interested. Stay tuned.

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2 thoughts on “New address for this blog

  1. Somehow (devilishly clever technical mystery) my bookmark for your blog still works. Maybe it won’t in a day or two. We’ll see. Blog-on!

  2. lvmx

    Where did my 1st comment go ?made about 7am on 16th ?

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