Hans looking for a new adventure

Stalactites of Hans

If you love something set it free. Or, if because you’ve been travelling and don’t have house-hold utility bills to prove your EU-ness to another EU country that is going to charge large import duty, then sell it.

One idea was to keep Hans the motorhome as self contained visitor’s accommodation and an occasional holiday machine. Another was to park Hans in a field with a view and use him as my office to separate work from home. The view would probably win over work though! So we haven’t fallen out of love with trusty old Hans, but the numbers just don’t add up.

Hans is up for sale and looking for a new adventure! He tells me somewhere warm and without 2 metre height barriers in carparks would be nice.

His little niggles, East German forest carpark rock incident and Belgian ignition excitement, have all been resolved and he’s ready to roll again. If you’re interested, he’s on UK ebay here.

One day I found a 1992, 10 Pfennig piece behind one of the sofas. A little bit of German history from when Hans was only 2 years old. I don’t believe in the power of a talisman, but for some reason I placed that little obsolete coin on the dashboard and it sat there for the rest of our journey. I might hide it for the next owner…


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One thought on “Hans looking for a new adventure

  1. We have mixed emotions about saying goodbye to Hans but, on the bright side, someone is going to get a fine vehicle and have excellent adventures.

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