The End, The Start

Originally we said 12 months. After twelve months we weren’t ready to stop, so we headed off on our northern odyssey. We didn’t want to return still feeling the pull of the road or feeling frustrated and trapped by the predicable rhythm of everyday life. One extravagant idea was to drive off into the sunset and drift for ever, but of course that didn’t take into account: money, cabin fever or our car still sitting on S’s folk’s driveway. We wanted to travel until we were no longer enjoying it and that time had arrived. Continue reading

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A Message from the Belgian Office

After tasting La Trappe beer in Ravenstein, it would have been rude not to stop at the monastery of Koningshoeven on our way south. La Trappe is one of only six remaining Trappist breweries in the world and the only one on the Dutch side of the border with Belgium. The beer is strong, rich and smooth with no nasty bitter after taste. Like all indulgent things, best appreciated in moderation or you will fall over and look silly. Or look silly then fall over. Continue reading

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An intercontinental trundle


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