The end of an era

So travels are over, Hans is up for sale and our thoughts are turning to Portugal. Change is in the air and it feels like the time is right for a new blog! Follow our continuing adventures at A Portuguese Adventure.

Thank you for keeping us company on our travels!

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New address for this blog

In an effort to save precious pennies, we don’t want to pay for blog-related stuff anymore. So, the web address for this blog has changed to the original freebie – (sorry, can’t make it a fancy link as that doesn’t seem to be working at the mo.)

Of course, if you are following the blog, you get emailed if we do an update so don’t really need to know the website address and if you don’t follow it, you’ll never be able to find the website again to find out about the new address. Hey ho.

Oh, and we will be starting a brand new blog soon about the new phase in our lives for those who are interested. Stay tuned.

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A Refuge in Ravenstein

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A valuable resource & auf wiedersehen Deutschland

In countries that have efficient household waste collection, the environmentally conscious traveller has a problem. Where do you take your ever increasing box full of recycling when public recycling points are nowhere to be seen?
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Why Dessau?

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Quirky communication

By the way, we’ve added a couple of things to our Quirky Communication page!

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Ideas please!

We’ve had a request from StuckInWandsworth to continue our daily series once Room with a view finishes, but with a different theme (he’s very demanding).

So, any ideas? A photo taken at the same time every day, say 3pm? Lunch with a view? What do you want to see?

And please feel free to comment – don’t be intimidated by the fact that almost all our comments come from family! To borrow from Neil Diamond, hey tree people, we’re writing for you too!

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Just saying….

…we’ve just worked out that it is only 4100km to Alentejo in Portugal. It will be 28°C there tomorrow.

Just saying.

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Happy 40th Big Little Bro!


And now…

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Season 2 out now!


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