Swedish impressions

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Other Swedish Classics

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Swedish classics

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Room with a view – 30 September

That’s it, your last Room with a view. Thank you for the suggestions for future subjects – there seems to be a clear winner – but we are going to have a break from the daily thing for a while. We’ll pick it up again soon.

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Room with a view – 29 September

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Winter preparations

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Room with a view – 28 September

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We’ve seen elk!

Finally, after 2 months in Sweden and Finland and countless ‘watch out for elk’ signs, we’ve actually seen elk!

We are on an island to see Läckö Castle and, during our drive around last night to find an overnight spot, saw two (female?) adults with calves and then, further down the road, a lone male. It was dusk, pouring with rain and they were too far away so no photos, but we did see them – very excited. We presume that hunting isn’t allowed on the island – it is elk hunting season at the moment and we were told by someone further north that they would all be in hiding. Somebody else was surprised when we said we hadn’t seen any yet – apparently he and his friends had seen lots when out hunting. I think the clue is in the name – you are specifically hunting them, we are just pottering around hoping to catch sight of one! Which is why, up until now, the only ones we’ve seen have been dead in the back of a truck.

Now just bear, wolf, wolverine and lynx to tick off.

There will be a bit of a delay with RWAV – we had a software upgrade yesterday for iPhoto and now it won’t talk to us until we upgrade our photo library or some such thing which apparently could take a while. Too busy – we have a castle to visit!


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Room with a view – 27 September

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