Home Sweet Wheels

An introduction to Hans Erwin Hymer

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We really only had a few requirements when we were looking for our motorhome;

•  somewhere we could sit with our feet up as we like to lounge when reading/watching a film

•  a separate shower – many motorhomes have a ‘wet room’ which didn’t really appeal to us

•  cheap

The first two led us to the layout of the Hymer B694 – the third meant we had to buy one that was 20 years old! It suits us perfectly – a little worn around the edges and no blue LED lights in drinks cabinets, which is more common that you might think.

The good bits

  • 6 berth. Yeah, right. Two + dog is perfect, three is fine and four will be do-able for a short time.
  • 2.5l Peugeot turbo diesel engine – we get about 26mpg (10.8l/100km) which is pretty good considering it is tugging a home around.
  • 100l fresh water tank. Not sure about waste water – when it doesn’t drain down the plughole anymore, it is full.
  • Weight – about 3.8-4 tonnes, depending on how much fuel/water we are carrying and how much we ate yesterday.
  • Our bed drops down from above the driver & passenger seats. This means we can leave the bedding in place and not have to make up a bed from sofas etc each night – yippee!
  • The U-shaped lounge at the back doubles as spare bedroom. Or dressing room. Or conservatory when it is sunny.
  • The kitchen has a double sink (one more sink than we had in the house), a 4 burner hob and a fridge.
  • We have two gas heaters and two thermostats. One set of controls can be reached from the bed which means we don’t have to get up until it is warm. Excellent insulation means we don’t have to have either heater on much.
  • We have a solar panel for charging the leisure & engine batteries which has been more useful than we ever thought it would be.
  • Tag axle which makes it very stable at speed (ha ha) or with strong crosswinds.

What we would change

  • D would change the cockpit – he would like it to be quieter and more modern.
  • S would change the upholstery – she would like it be less 80s. Some cream throws have solved most of that problem though.
  • The hot water tank doesn’t hold much, which means that showers have to be pretty short, which means that D also needs a strong coffee to wake/warm up. The downside of being able to have longer showers would be having to fill the water tank more often of course.
  • Built in internal blinds for the windscreen. Modern motorhomes have these and we ooh and aah when we see them. Being tight (have we mentioned that before?), we made ours from an old tent carpet, which do the job, sort of.

Other than that, we are very happy with our choice and, having had a nosey look at lots of newer and more expensive motorhomes since, still haven’t found something we would want to swap for.


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