Another day, another French village

More beautiful villages, free aires (total spent on camping in a week in France – €4), sunny weather, cheap wine, lovely baguettes…….jealous yet?

Vivonne – church bells, tiny alleyways, wonderful mushroom & artichoke pizza and laundrette!

The view from our living room window – parked at the aire at the bottom of the main street. This was the busiest aire we’ve been on – 3 motorhomes!

Nersac – church bells, wide open spaces, huge municipal buildings and free electricity!

Our aire next to the municipal police station. Free parking, water and electricity - we celebrated by watching some TV!



Fabulous. I am almost speechless with envy. Coincidentally, en route to Canberra we always stop at Braidwood where there is a boutique bakery that sells my favourite – mushroom and artichoke pizza

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